Multiple stabbing in Reading during a Black Lives Matter event. There would be three deaths


Multiple stabbing in Reading, a city in the south of Great Britain, during a Black Lives Matter demonstration. Thames Valley police tweeted: “We are intervening in an incident at Forbury Gardens, Reading, officers sent to the scene.” The incident is called “serious”, even a helicopter on site. The attack on Reading is linked to terrorism. This is what Sky News reports: in the English town, according to official sources, 3 people lost their lives and two were seriously injured after a stabbing in the Forbury Gardens. One person has been arrested.

Local Council President Jason Brock has sent citizens to stay out of the area and allow emergency services to respond.

“As for the center of Reading – please stay away from the area while the police are facing a serious serious accident. The Reading Council is in contact with the emergency services and will support them if necessary, “he tweeted.

Co-adviser Adele Barnett-Ward raised: “Very disturbing news is coming about a serious accident in Forbury Gardens. Please keep away from the area so that emergency services can do their job.”

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