Movements between regions and bans


From June 3, except for last-minute decisions related to the analysis of the epidemic trend, there will no longer be the limit of the regional border for travel. As reported, it is not clear whether, as requested by the governor of Veneto Zaia yesterday, the executive will intervene with a new Prime Minister to stop the blockade which would however expire at midnight on June 2. What is certain is that starting from Wednesday, the last stake for the free movement of people within the national territory will also fall. The farewell to self-certification, however, does not mean that we can behave as if Covid never existed.

In short, we will regain another piece of our freedom, but also this time it will not be a “free everyone”. Barring surprises, some of the stakes introduced with the previous dpcm to contain the epidemic will therefore remain standing.

Diveto of gatherings

The most important remains that of the ban on gatherings: both indoors and outdoors it will be mandatory to respect the safety distance of at least one meter (two meters if we are doing sports).

In Lombardy masks (at least) until June 14

In Lombardy, with the new order signed on Friday evening by Governor Attilio Fontana, the obligation to wear a mask or cover the respiratory tract remains in force until next June 14, even outdoors.

No to close contacts

Kisses, hugs and handshakes with non-relatives are also banned. Physical contacts will obviously be avoided even with anyone who is not our partner. In shops and restaurants you will not be able to refuse to provide your personal details if requested (the measure is for contact tracing).

Public places and commercial activities

And again: those who want to enter a public place will not be able to refrain from measuring the temperature where required. As for commercial activities, beaches, restaurants, bars, shops, reference should be made to the specific protocols developed by Inail. As a hairdresser, for example, reservations are still required and you will have to wear a mask except for the “time necessary to carry out treatments that do not make it possible”.

Shows and events, all stopped (at least until June 14th)

Obviously all recreational events that involve gatherings are prohibited. As foreseen by the last dpcm, the shows open to the public in theaters, concert halls, cinemas and other outdoor spaces also remain suspended until 14 June 2020 (but a further extension is not excluded at all). “From June 15, 2020 – reads the text of the decree -, these shows will be held with pre-assigned and spaced seats and provided that the respect of the interpersonal distance of at least one meter is ensured both for the staff and for the spectators, with the maximum number of 1000 spectators for outdoor shows and 200 people for indoor shows, for each single hall “.

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The quarantine requirement

Finally, there remains the obligation to remain at home for those in quarantine and for those who have a respiratory infection with a fever above 37.5 degrees. In short, from June 3 you can do almost everything, but you will have to do it with criteria. Normality is still far away.

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