Mourning for Amedeo Grieco, mother died: “Pain is digging a hole in the soul”



Fabio Rovazzi: “When someone says that the coronavirus does not exist I go crazy, my grandfather died for that”

“A few days ago – he writes – you said to me ‘I would be sick, even forever in a bed, I don’t ask much, it would be enough for me to stay here to see you grow, to watch what you do’ … It would have been enough for you to be a spectator and enjoy the spectacle of the family you built … you were like that, you lived to enjoy our goals, in the fourth row of the audience, well hidden in the dark, always fearing to annoy … yet you were the light of my limelight, the very meaning of the goals, and my greatest success was and always will be: the pride of your gaze … now what am I going to do? Who do I call when I arrive? And who do I tell that Federico has lost another To whom do I send the photo of Alice in a skirt? How do I explain it to your grandchildren now ?! Someone tell me !? Where can I find the instructions to go on? ”

Then Amedeo continues: “Oh Mà, here you have been missing for a few hours and the pain is already digging a hole in your soul, and from tomorrow that will be filled with a sea of ​​everyday life we ​​will try not to drown in … Look at us, 5 men. .. Dad, me, Alessio, Simone and Gabriele … you built the soccer team first and now you took the ball away … and you leave us alone, in the middle of the field, bewildered, condemning us to seek a new meaning We don’t know if we will ever succeed, but one thing is certain: we will find you in every day that will pass, we will feel you strong in the silences, when we stumble in the voids, we will imagine your smile closing your eyes when we are sure that in that moment you would have smiled, we will smell your perfume wherever something tastes good … everything from tomorrow will be our great illusion you have never abandoned us. We loved you more than we managed to tell each other. And we will always love you, should it will also seem useless around. Make yourself heard, see you soon ” .


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