Motorcycle market, a nightmare for two wheels in May


The first month after the Covid-19 emergency is by no means positive, it was hoped to see at least the first signs of recovery, and unfortunately also May also registered a less sign for the registrations of two-wheelers in Italy.

The data, which were released by the National Motorcycle and Accessories Cycle Association, in fact speak very clearly and unfortunately at the moment they do not think anything positive, on the contrary. Among other things, we are talking about a month, that of May, which is practically every year vital for the motorcycle market and which unfortunately in this 2020 should be filed as a month of loss, precisely we are talking about a -10.35% compared to the same period last year.

Paolo Magri, president of Ancma, said: “In the context of a very serious crisis and the total absence of incentive measures by the Government for our sector (as for the car sector), the first month of reopening of the dealerships collects some shy and marginal sign of vitality. A result obtained only thanks to the generous commercial policies put in place by the manufacturers, to those who still buy for passion and to the growing propensity of citizens to choose two-wheelers as an effective solution for mobility.

And he continues: “All this is however insufficient to raise a market characterized by a very strong seasonality, which in the first five months of 2020 marked a heavy -37.8% compared to the previous year, taking us back to the darkest years for our sector. Our industry does not cry on us, but in front of the value we create and the huge investments in research and innovation that motorcycle manufacturers put in place to improve the environmental impact of vehicles and make two-wheelers a sustainable and usable solution, we are ready again to fill, with a constructive and responsible dialogue, that cognitive and sometimes ideological gap that has led the institutions to forget about a leading sector which, among other things, offers employment to over 40,000 people and which in 2019 contributed with a tax revenue of over 5.5 billion euros“.

THE motorcycle dealers, taking into account the month of May, they lost two working days, as they resumed business on Monday 4 May. In any case, the total number of registrations is 25,660 units (-10.35%). Scooter sales show a lower loss, with 14,510 vehicles, a drop of 9.57%, the bikes reach 11,150 units, recording an important drop of 11.35%, and mopeds see it black, with a -27%, stopping 1,335 pieces. For the recovery of the motorcycle market it is hoped in the beautiful and hot summer days that the sun will make you want to buy. (Source Repubblica)

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