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The news – revealed in preview by Sky and then confirmed by other rumors, also from Austria, in particular from KTM – is sensational: Pol Espargaro would be Marc Marquez’s new teammate in HRC in 2021. If confirmed, it would truly be a revolution and something totally unexpected even if, in truth, team manager Alberto Puig has repeatedly expressed his esteem for the younger of the Espargaro brothers. From a sporting point of view, Pol’s choice would be absolutely correct: the Spaniard is a very fast driver, one who with KTM made the same difference that Marc Marquez made with Honda. Therefore Puig’s choice would be absolutely correct.

It is less so from the ethical point of view: Alex Marquez would be fired even before he can prove his worth. Okay, in the very few tests carried out, the two-time world champion was certainly not impressed, but very few do so at the MotoGP debut (Fabio Quartararo, just to give an example of a rider now held in high esteem, he started by taking second best) and nobody can do it with Honda, as we have seen well in the recent past with Jorge Lorenzo. Here, firing a driver before he can express himself is really something unusual, which not even the madness of this incredible period can justify. In addition, Puig’s choice will certainly have consequences inside the box: how will Marc, who in November 2019, when Lorenzo announced his retirement, have imposed his brother? How will Emilio Alzamora, the extremely powerful manager of the two Marquez brothers, take it? It is clear that nothing happens in that box without the approval of Marc and Emilio: if Pol Espargaro was actually taken, then logic says that Aleix has already been hijacked in Lucio Cecchinello’s LCR team. In whose place? Takaaki Nakagami is probably untouchable, while Cal Crutchlow is not, who never liked Alberto Puig and not even take too much to Takeo Yokoyama, the technical director of the HRC: not surprisingly, at the end of 2019, when he released the Lorenzo’s place, Crutchlow was never taken into consideration, although the results said that it would be the most obvious choice to fill that place. Another aspect that leaves me perplexed is the lack of sympathy (euphemism) between Marc Marquez and Pol Espargaro: the two did not spare each other criticism at the time of Moto2 also quite heavy. But it is also true that we have seen several times how certain aspects are more or less easily overcome …

At this point Andrea Dovizioso would free up his place in KTM, still far from renewal with Ducati. A solution that would give new stimuli to the Italian pilot, who would be involved in a long-term project, in a house that has great potential and great esteem in Dovi, as can also be understood from the interview given by technical director Pit Beirer on a motorcycle. TED en: with KYM, Andrea would regain lost enthusiasm. Theoretically, KTM has an option in its favor with Jorge Martin, who would have already agreed with Ducati for the Pramac team; but above all, KTM cannot afford to have a novice as a reference, beyond the undisputed talent of Martin. Hence Dovizioso’s solution would be the most logical, perhaps the only one in a “market” that has so far shown little logic.

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