MotoGp, future Valentino Rossi: Uccio drives fans crazy


“Vale has the attitude of what he wants everything except stop, this makes us very happy. He is a driver, he is one who also keeps other kids ahead, he is one who always has a great desire, he amazes us all. Our intention is most likely that to continue also for 2021“. To say, to the microphones of Sky Sport, Alessio Salucci, for all Uccio, Valentino Rossi’s right-hand man.

The Doctor will then run for at least another year, and with the Petronas team. “When Vale moves he always creates movement, expectations, tensions. It is not an official team, but we will have a factory bike. They are structured very well, Yamaha is there to support us with whom we have an excellent relationship and most likely we will have Franco as a teammate, it should be a good experience. It is not yet fully defined but at the end of the month, we should be there “added the best friend of the centaur of Tavullia.

“We started with Franco Morbidelli that was small, I always hoped that one day he would arrive in MotoGp, he has arrived and he will also be our teammate. This thing makes me strange because I saw him as a child, with so many insecurities and seeing him there now makes me a lot of pleasure, even with Petronas has just arrived to sign, the road is now defined. We were hoping to get to such a situation with the Academy, because it means that we have done a good job. Now let’s manage it. We have had some sessions on the track in Misano in recent weeks, Vale and Franco have shot together, there is a great feeling between them because there is a true friendship. They are two intelligent pilots and I hope this thing goes on, friendship and everything else, because Franco is a fantastic boy “concluded Uccio, in fact confirming that the Brazilian Italian will divide the box with the champion of Tavullia in the next season.

SPORTAL.IT | 12-06-2020 12:31

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