motivation and spirit of adaptation to score points “


The rumors / These were the statements by the technical granata at Torino Channel on the season finale and on the next match against Parma

In view of the match against Parma that will reopen the championship and the fight for salvation for Toro, Moreno Longo has released some statements to the microphones of Torino Channel. Regarding the attitude of his men on his return, the technician explained: “The boys came back in the best way, eager to start again after this very long and atypical break. Eager to regain confidence with the job and their profession. In these days we are working on all fronts: we must absolutely bring the players back to an optimal condition. Then we have to go back to taking care of the technical-tactical aspects we were working on in February. Above all, the Taurus must find that self-esteem that had been lacking in the last period. Because there is the potential to do better than what was done in the last part of the season. There is therefore a need to think positively and gain points through performance, starting with the one against Parma. “



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