Mother of 4 strangled by her lover, her best friend’s husband


Daniel Lynn, 40, of South Bend, Indiana (USA), brutally killed his 28-year-old lover Christina Woods.

After having her first child at just 16, Christina Woods had found her calling in life: to be a mother. At 28 he had already had three other children, two girls and one boy. In their home in South Bend, Indiana (USA), she liked to spend time with her brood, between household chores, favorite Disney classics, songs and dances. For her who had grown up without a father, that domestic idyll was a miracle that was renewed every day. Together with her husband Troy, she had tried to create the family she had always dreamed of, and she had succeeded.

Then, in 2017, the spell broke. Christina has entered into a relationship with Daniel Lynn, the husband of her best friend Brooke, 28. She and Brooke had known each other for a lifetime and had continued dating even when married. Little by little, Christina was literally bewitched by her attraction to Lynn. But it wasn’t a happy ending love story: Lynn was a dangerously domineering man, and Christina paid for her mistake with her own skin.

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The former lover turned into a ferocious murderer

In late 2017, Troy discovered the betrayal and his family went broke. He filed for divorce while Lynn and his wife stayed together. Several months later, Christina’s husband tried to mend the relationship, but just when things were going well, Christina disappeared. Investigators didn’t take long to focus the suspicions on Lynn. And shortly thereafter, thanks to the cell phones, it turned out that Christina was in a rural location in Minnesota, hours by car from home.

On July 2, the police went to the scene and made the terrible discovery. The body tied and wrapped in Christina’s cloth had been hidden in a deep hole. Lynn, who fled, was arrested a few hours later by the agents. He had hidden in a camper van with the help of his wife. According to Troy, Lynn strangled Christina out of jealousy, as she was returning with him. Others, however, argue that Lynn was a violent man by nature and the relationship with Christina had only exacerbated his nature. He will now have to serve a little over 11 years in prison before he can ask for probation.


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