Morselli (ArcelorMittal): “Government knew about the Ilva redundancies since March”


“Ilva will be saved for sure, Ilva is already saved.” These are the words spoken during the registration of Porta a Porta by Lucia Morselli, a.d. by ArcelorMittal Italia. I think we must all be proud of the Taranto plant, the most beautiful plant in Europe, the most modern, the most powerful, everyone envies us. And I think it’s a privilege to be working there. ”

Today a meeting was held attended by Francesco Caio, government consultant for the ArcelorMittal dossier; Domenico Arcuri, CEO of the public company Invitalia; and Ondra Otravec, manager of the multinational acquisitions merger.

“The weather was good,” Morselli said stating that the multinational is committed to respecting the March agreements. And on the redundancies the government knew since March what the situation was: “in the March agreements, as the government preferred not to involve the union, the numbers of redundancies were not explicit, but instead the concept was clearly explained: the company had to remain in economic balance. It is considered that according to environmental law, the steel mill cannot exceed 6 million tons, it is clear that if the plants cannot produce 8 million tons, the staff present will be slightly in excess. This is a fact”.

From the government comes a tweet from the deputy minister for the economy, Antonio Misiani: “Dr. Morselli declares that the government would know from March of any redundancies to Ilva, but no redundancies were foreseen in that agreement. The government – he continues – wants to continue the agreement of 4 March without moving back on the front of employment protection “.

Morselli then said that “the commitment made in the March agreement provides for ArcelorMittal to remain with a public participation, which at this time has been indicated by the government in Invitalia. I can confirm that the March agreement provides that if this investment agreement is finalized, ArcelorMittal will buy the steel plant, as well as in the terms that had been defined and agreed in the original contract reiterated, for this aspect of price evaluation, in the March”. Morselli added that “the entry of Invitalia, which in March was simply an institutional investor, is absolutely compatible with ArcelorMittal’s stay in Italy. Indeed, it is supportive of this presence. And we, in the March agreement, supported it. ” The manager wanted to point out that “in that agreement all the environmental investments were confirmed in their original form. I remind everyone that they are a state law, so it is very difficult not to confirm them. And all the other industrial investments that were planned are also confirmed. ”

On the possibility that the Franco-Indian giant accepts a minority position, Morselli replied that it is “to be evaluated and decided. It is something that is decided, has not yet been defined. In other plants around the world ArcelorMittal is present with a minority position. Sometimes it can happen. ” On the nationalization hypothesis, Morselli said that “the private shareholder does not, there can only be on the availability of politics. We all read the statements by Prime Minister Conte and the other ministers. I don’t have to comment. ”

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