More sales on the stock exchanges. Titles to monitor according to experts


More sales on the stock exchanges. The titles to be monitored according to experts are many. The reason? The many variables on the table, the same ones that made strong opening losses. To improve during the course of the morning. Volatility as a password, therefore. Often repeated, the concept is materializing in these hours. The opening of Piazza Affari, as well as of the other exchanges on an international level, was not only negative. But downright heavy. BUT with the passing of the hours there has been a reduction of negativity.

What is going on in the markets?

In a nutshell the explanation. Indeed, in one word: Covid. The return of infections and the presence of outbreaks in China is also scaring operators. Add to this the almost prophetic words of a Fed who spoke on Wednesday of the need to keep interest rates at a minimum for a long time. In other words: an economy in difficulty in the coming months. Result: still sales on the stock exchanges. The titles to be monitored according to experts would be many. And the proof lies precisely in the fact that if at 10 in the morning the Ftse Mib lost more than 2%, at 2.30 pm it does not go beyond a -0.77%

The shares to buy in Piazza Affari

As mentioned, the Italian flag is slowing down its fall although there are still sales on the stock exchanges. From Mediobanca we look at a list of outperform securities that starts from Coima Res (target at 9 euros) going from Iren (to 2.80 euros. Last to mention, among others, Telecom Italia (0.68 euros). But some Interesting buys are also recorded by Banca Imi on Rai Way (target at 6.30 euros) and Telecom Italia (0.62 euros).

The shares to buy on Wall Street

Who does not change his mind is Wall Street who still sees a series of sales already on futures. In fact at 2.35 pm (Italian time) the S&P 500 lost almost 2% (1.99% to be exact), as well as the Nasdaq which, at least, stopped at -1.3%. Worst of all was the Dow Jones at -2.3%. In any case, the shares to buy on Wall Street are, among others, those of Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC). KeyBanc Capital Markets, in fact, has promoted the title from neutral to overweight with a price target of $ 82. Promotion also for Mondelez International Inc. that from hold is passed to buy as decided by Berenberg.

The most important events in the economic calendar

At the set times, you can consult the macroeconomic calendar to read the outcome of the published macroeconomic data. Today’s macro data include Italian consumer prices at -0.2% against 0% of the previous survey (year on year). On the other hand, all the Chinese data regarding unemployment (at 5.9% instead of the previous 6%) and industrial production, both in May, were positive, even at 4.4% instead of 3.9%. As for tomorrow, however, look at Germany’s wholesale and consumption prices in addition to the June Zew index. The UK unemployment rate in April and the requests for unemployment benefits in May are also to be monitored. US retail sales and industrial production coming in May.

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