Monza exults in Serie B 19 years later – Sport


The promotions of Monza, Vicenza and Reggina in Serie B have been confirmed, the first of their respective Serie C groups.

Monza can now celebrate: the Federal Council sanctioned the promotion in Serie B of the Brianza club, which at the time of the emergency stop Coronavirus was in first place in group A of Lega Pro and thus returns to the cadet series at 19 years since the last time. ” The B is finally in Brianza ”, the club wrote on the website, then retracing the 2019/20 season, a path stopped by “an invisible antagonist”. ” Today the news that all the red and white hearts were waiting for has arrived and the joy dormant in 19 years can finally explode inside each of them – reads the Monza message -. No carousels for the city or parties in the square, too high the risk of being reimbursed in that invisible opponent ”. ” The celebrations will not fail, in the right ways and at the right times, waiting to be able to come back together to embrace Brianteo – continues the club on the site – ”. It is not known when and how, but the Bagai of Monza will be ready for the new championship, to hunt down the biggest dream. Meanwhile Monza in B, B is in Brianza! ”, Concludes the company.


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