Mondragone outbreak, high voltage remains – Campania


                          <h2 class="news-stit">In the red zone established by the Campania Region</h2>
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        (ANSA) - MONDRAGONE (CASERTA), JUNE 24 - The

tension at the former Cirio buildings of Mondragone (Caserta), where it is located
the red zone decreed by the Region after the emergence of
an outbreak from Covid-19 which mainly affects citizens
Bulgarians, largely residing in the degraded complex formed
from five palaces; 30 positive cases, all Bulgarians with only one
Italian. Yesterday morning some Italian tenants came
complained accusing the Bulgarian community of responsibility in
order to spread the infection. Today the tension is less
visible, but it is perceived by speaking as much with the Italians that
with the Bulgarians.

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