Mom kills her son and hits the corpse in the cellar. Then reports the disappearance: discovered after three months


He kills the barrel son and hides the body in the concrete. Galina Morozova, 56, from Astrakhan, southwestern Russia, is accused of beating her son Aleksandr Parakhnyakov to death, 12 years old, with a dumbbell, because the boy had attended a slumber party swithout your permission.Read also> Tik Tok star dies suicide at 16, the last video 20 hours before dying: «Don’t want what’s good»

The woman, mother of 4 children, launched an appeal denouncing the disappearance of the child. For three months she asked for her son to be found, looking desperate, then police investigations led to a suspect. For weeks, the agents checked every area near the boy’s home, then after a tip-off they searched the house and found the body cemented in the basement floor.

The 56-year-old confessed that she killed him, buried him with concrete and made her smartphone disappear in an attempt to sidetrack the investigation. It seems that to trigger the anger of the mother would have been a stunt of the 12 year old who had not returned home to sleep to attend a sleepover without the permission of the mother. On his return, the woman beat him violently with a dumbbell until he lost control and killed him.

Last updated: Friday 26 June 2020, 14:35


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