mom and grandpa dive to save her but all die drowned


When they saw the baby Sacchi, 8 years old, reeling in the water, the mom and grandfather, although they cannot swim, they dived without thinking twice. They hoped they could save her and instead ended up for to drown all three in the pool of that house which they had purchased just a month after a lifetime of sacrifices.

The community of East Brunswick, New Jersey, where the Patel family had recently moved, is in shock. The tragedy occurred on Tuesday, when the girl, mother Nisha Patel, 33, and Bharat Patel, 62, were found dead in the water. With them was the little girl’s aunt, who is still in shock. She too threw herself into the water, managing to pull the girl out. But for Sacchi it was already too late. The neighbors, suspicious of the screams, called the police and the ambulance. When the doctors arrived on the spot, they could only declare the death of Sacchi, Nisha and Bharat.

Vishal Makin, a neighbor, said: “Our family comes from the same area of ​​India. We speak the same language and from the first moment we made a connection. They had done maintenance on the pool and were excited to be able to use it in view of the summer. It was devastating news for our community. ” Last updated: 23:13 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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