Model 730 precompiled, changes online until June 22, 2020. After you go to the CAF


Pre-filled 2020 model 730, changes and cancellations in case of errors by 22 June. Afterwards, the passage from the CAF or accountant for a new submission of the tax return will be mandatory.

Model 730 precompiled, an important first is approaching deadline: changes with annulment in case of errors within the deadline of June 22, 2020.

By Monday 22 June it is possible undo independently the model 730 sent with errors. Subsequently, the modifications to the 730/2020 model they can only be made through CAF or with an accountant.

The season of the 730 model has now started at full speed. There new deadline of September 30th it expands the time for filling in and for sending the tax return, also reflecting on the time for tax refunds.

The adjustments on the 730 will be made with the new mobile term, linked to the date of presentation of your tax return.

In the event of transmission subsequent to the month of June, the crediting date of any refund due, as well as of the retention operations on salaries and pensions for those with an IRPEF debt, will be postponed.

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Model 730 precompiled, changes online until June 22, 2020. After you go to the CAF

Anyone who sends the 730 but realizes that he has made mistakes can annul the tax return once only to the Revenue Agency.

There deadline last for cancel the precompiled 730 It is set for 22 June 2020: this is the deadline by which the taxpayer will be able to do it himself, without the need to go to a qualified intermediary.

Who cancels the model 730/2020 sent must remember to fill in and send one new tax return by the deadline of September 30th.

The cancellation involves the cancellation of all the data entered, and the possibility to start from scratch by filling out the pre-filled declaration prepared by the Revenue Agency.

Model 730 pre-filled 2020: when and how to cancel to modify and correct errors

L’cancellation of the precompiled 730 model sent to the Revenue Agency, it is possible if the status of the consignment receipt is “Processed”, by accessing the dedicated site with the same credentials used for sending.

To cancel the declaration containing errors, you must therefore click on the item “Request cancellation 730”. Fisconline users must enter the PIN code, a step that is not required by those who sent the online declaration with SPID or INPS credentials.

Online cancellation is only possible until Monday 22 June 2020, as highlighted above.

Once the 730 is canceled, no declaration is presented to the Revenue Agency and therefore it is necessary send a new oneotherwise the declaration will be omitted.

The new submission will not be possible immediately, but once 24 to 48 hours have elapsed since the cancellation.

What to do if instead you notice the errors only after June 22? In this case it will be necessary to contact a CAF or an accountant, who can correct the tax return already sent by the taxpayer.

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