MMVS to sanitize the air on board


Azimuth Yachts adopts a NASA patent to offer its owners pure air on board the yachts.

Azimut Yachts NASA patent – Azimut Yachts, always committed to following the results of the most careful technological research to offer its owners the best in terms of comfort, quality of materials and safety on board, will adopt on many newly built yachts an innovative system called MMVS (Marine Mechanical Ventilation System), based on a patent from NASA and originally developed for environments intended for aerospace missions, which allows to renew and sanitize the air on board. The first yacht equipped with MMVS will be the Magellan 25 Meters, an extraordinary shipyard model that will be presented in September at the Cannes boat show.

Made by the Italian company BCool Engineering, specialized in the production and marketing of products for thermal comfort and onboard energy, MMVS it is a centralized system divided on the two bridges that ensures complete air exchange in every room every hour.

The air inside the boats in this way will always remain at the chosen temperature and at the same time will be constantly purified, thanks to a safe, effective and complete sanitization, which concerns the air conditioning channels, surfaces and various technical elements such as fan coils. Basically the guests on board will breathe fresh, clean and sanitized air, while maintaining a conditioned temperature.

The basis of this system is the PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology, which imitates and reproduces what happens in nature by taking advantage of the combined action of the rays of a special UV lamp with a catalyst structure without affecting the power and consumption of the boats.

Azimut Yachts, the first company in the sector to offer this device on its new models, has chosen to apply this technology to respond to an increasingly current and widespread need. The quality of the air we breathe has an objective and substantial impact on the quality of our life.

And unlike the pollution of the external atmospheric air, which has been the subject of great attention for many years, only more recently has the need emerged to deepen knowledge on the pollution of indoor environments, also in the face of the increase in alarming scientific evidence on the health effects related to this phenomenon. In fact, in perfect harmony with the times, Azimut Yachts is interpreting a growing demand, in line with a new lifestyle, increasingly healthy and natural.

This innovation therefore adds to a long list of other solutions that the Shipyard has adopted before others ─ from gyroscopic stabilizers to maneuvering joysticks, from IPS propulsion to integrated control and monitoring systems, to automatic attitude correctors ─ thus confirming for its ability to anticipate the needs and desires of its customers, thanks to a close relationship based on constant dialogue.

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