Minneapolis today, Rome tomorrow? The Floyd case read by Zennaro (Popolo protagonist)


->The images of looting, violence and destruction that come from the United States of America must make us think. On the European continent we have seen similar scenes both in Brussels, but also in London, a symptom of a malaise spread throughout the West, a discomfort that has been brewing for some time but which now explodes with all its strength.

What we are seeing in America anticipates the “zeitgeist“Of the times and cannot be read only as the result of an ethnic rebellion of African Americans towards the Wasp class or a dichotomy between Biden and Trump, but it is above all the beginning of the collapse of forms of coexistence of modern democratic society as well as the we met in the second post-war period in the West.

In America especially (but also in Europe, albeit in a slightly lesser form) the differential between elites and the middle class has gradually widened over the past thirty years, almost reaching the disappearance of the latter and creating a huge sub-class of “working poor”, Underpaid, with precarious jobs and without any possibility of planning and stability.

Moreover, the increase and spread of modern drugs (such as amphetamines) in the population and especially in the large ex-industrialized metropolitan areas, has created an uneducated and in fact unemployable subproletariat, the effect of almost secular problems for the United States.

But even on this side of the Atlantic, peaceful dreams cannot be slept. Perfect London, a symbol of multiculturalism that works, saw cops kicked and the statue of Lord Churchill smeared with accusations of racism, the very one who saved the United Kingdom from Hitler.

More than a parody, this is the symptom of a new inculturated and newly savage social class, without any knowledge and respect for what European civilization has been. Among the large skyscrapers of the western metropolises, where young rampant finance and tech make millions of dollars in seconds, a subclass of income-free delivery that has not integrated with traditional western society has grown.

In Italy we cannot remain helpless and distant from what is going on. The economic crisis, in which Covid-19 has only acted as a trigger, has also come to us, many precarious jobs, from tourism to catering, will not see the light, with the risk of a hot autumn. If in America the gap is above all with the super-class of the rich, in the Peninsula the problems will come for those who today do not feel “guaranteed” by a State that instead “over-protects” specific categories (especially the public sector) to the detriment of a multitude of people who feel abandoned.

The West is sick and risks not recovering from this crisis, but it can only do so by reestablishing the “social pact” between the various strata of the population, with greater equity and redistribution, defining itself as “community of destiny”. Italy, with its political class, risks big and will only be able to save itself by rediscovering its roots, looking at personalities of the past such as De Gasperi and Pertini, leaving less and less space for bureaucrats and making politics and Parliament central again, as the maximum expression of popular sovereignty.


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