Minneapolis, crowd truck marching for Floyd: the driver, a former pro Trump soldier, risks being lynched


Moments of terror in Minneapolis: a tanker crashed into the crowd. After stopping the vehicle, he almost lynched the driver: a former military supporter of Trump – Giuseppe Sarcina /CorriereTv

Moments of terror on live television. And other hot controversies on the way. A Ukrainian immigrant, ex-soldier and declared fan of Donald Trump, drove his tanker against protesters in Minneapolis.

Sunday evening, May 31st. The great crowd of a new march flows on the 35W highway exiting the city: it is the sixth day of protest for the killing of George Floyd (for now only one formally accused policeman). At one point, the cameras frame a heavy vehicle pointing the procession at high speed. Then it slows down as it approaches the mass distributed on the two carriageways. Finally it stops. It is a moment: a swarm of young people jump on the truck. The vehicle still moves for about ten meters. But twenty, thirty boys block him. One climbs up on the hood and kicks the windshield. Others manage to open the doors. And the driver, Bogdan Vechirko, 35, risks being lynched. The beating begins in the passenger compartment, then the man is dragged out. Again pushed, beaten. Until a group of activists calms the collective fury and delivers the bleeding, shirtless “prisoner” to the special police forces. There are no other wounded.

The authorities have so far released only essential Bogdan data. He was arrested on charges of “assault”, not attempted massacre. It is known that he resides in Otsego, a town not far from Minneapolis. He works as a “master” for a transport company and has several criminal records. The most serious: “domestic violence”. But what he will discuss is his political orientation, as shown by the election campaign register. In 2019 he made a donation of 100 dollars to the «Maga» Committee, Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again. And in 2018 he paid 115 and then 100 dollars to the Republican Party’s National Committee.

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