Milan, thieves in Diletta Leotta’s house, stolen jewels, Rolex and money


The loot is huge: according to the victim, 8 watches have disappeared, including 4 Rolex brands, and necklaces, rings, cash for 6 thousand euros, plus a backpack containing identity documents and credit cards. There is talk of a total amount of around 150 thousand euros. Everything was in a small and mobile safe, one of those from a hotel room, taken away without even going there to try to open it. There are cameras in the condominium in via Quadrio, but this would seem to be an incursion of professional thieves, at least from the first results in the possession of the Mobile team, which investigates the case.

Rapid execution times, but perhaps some errors, even marginal, were made. The SC has long sought fingerprints. The entry of the criminals, at least two, not counting the accomplices in the building to act as a stake and those in the street waiting by car, which took place from the terrace of the apartment. According to what leaked in the police station, the first hypotheses would not lead to focus the hunt on the Georgian specialists, absolute masters of the shots at home, who have other operating methods. Nobody rules out that thieves acted at random; equally, the scenario according to which Leotta was monitored when (at 21.20) she left the apartment building and therefore left the field free can also be contemplated. But they may have observed it even in the previous days. The investigators of the Mobile directed by Marco Cal will also acquire retroactive films, in search of any place on the street and along the stairs of this condominium inhabited by other well-known and professional characters. Neighbors who have been and will be listened to again, just in case they are keepers of memories and details that can help the investigation. To understand if the criminals – the track of the marauders of the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia are beaten – were in possession of copies of the keys to the entrance of the building or had stealthily queued to someone who was returning home.

June 8, 2020 | 08:40


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