Milan, stabbed on the street after a dispute: 29 year old dies


A 29-year-old boy of Moroccan nationality was stabbed around 7.45pm on Sunday at the crossroads of Via Oldofredi and Viale Nazario Sauro, the first northern suburbs of Milan. The man was rescued by an ambulance and taken in red code to the Fatebenefratelli hospital, where he died shortly after 9 pm. His belly was completely ripped open by the blade and in very serious conditions. The brawl could have started on board a bus of line 91, according to the first testimonies of some passengers, and involved at least three and four men, all North African. It then continued with certainty in the street, at the bus stop, where the boy was stabbed. The first to rescue him, seeing him on the ground bloody, was an ATM driver who was driving a bus that arrived shortly after. The attackers escaped on foot in the rain, as reported by other witnesses, and are now wanted by the police cars, which have already asked the transport company for the images taken by the internal cameras of the bus. On the spot there are ongoing investigations by the scientific police. The man had no documents and was identified thanks to the card of a canteen for the poor in his pocket.

June 7, 2020 | 21:08


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