Milan, Scaroni: ‘Rangnick? The choices are made by Gazidis. No follies, we don’t want any more leaps from UEFA. The stadium … ‘| First page


Interviewed by Radio Anch’io, on Radio Rai 1, the president of Milan, Paolo Scaroni has returned to talk about the future of the Rossoneri club, the recovery of the championship with the controversy in the Italian Cup and the market moves for the summer with the Financial Fair Play in the sights.ITALY CUP –

“I was hoping that the Italian Cup would be played in August for a sweeter restart, two games full of adrenaline immediately after the break are stressful for the players. In the end a compromise came out, on June 12, I remain optimistic. In the League we vote unanimously for the restart we are compact to play as soon as possible “.RANGNICK – “Rangnick? For the moment we have confidence in Pioli I don’t know if the German manager will arrive. Gazidis makes the choices, I don’t even know when he talks to other candidates … We have faith in Pioli and Maldini “.

ALGORITHM – “I remain focused on plan A, I hope that there is no need for plan B or plan C. This debate interests me little, I am focused on restarting and finishing the championship on the pitch. I am convinced that we will have the virus behind us relatively quickly ”

COSTS AND UEFA – “We have made a great effort to cut costs. Gazidis focused on this in the future young players with reasonable prices. We don’t want to take any more strings from UEFA. Financial Fair Play prevents madness, from there we could see a less insane world. As Milan we want to keep costs down and increase revenues. ”

CRISIS – “AC Milan comes from a long period of crisis it seems utopian to think that the rebirth can happen quickly”.IBRA – “I hope Ibra can be seen again. I hope she can start playing again, I have read comforting news from Sweden.

STAGE – “The priority goes to the new stadium in Milan and I hope to have positive news soon. The stadium is not a historical monument, we will keep the vestiges of the Meazza, it will not disappear from the Milanese geography, but we will build a stadium suitable for our times. The fact that there are two shareholders who want to make the most beautiful stadium in the world seems like a miracle …

EUROPE – “I hope to arrive in Europe with the Italian Cup but if it doesn’t happen we will fight in the championship”.

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