Milan manages abusive B&B but goes to the police to report a delinquent client: maxi fine


Although she had transformed her home into a sort of abusive B&B where she rented black rooms and beds, she went to the police to report one of her defaid guests. For this reason, the improvised businesswoman, who used the internet to promote her business, was fined for 4 thousand euros by the police.

The decision is part of the support activities carried out in favor of initiatives aimed at alleviating the social difficulties created by the health crisis of Covid19 to the detriment of the weaker or marginalized sections of the city community. Thus, the agents of the Lorenteggio Commissariat carried out a monitoring activity on the situation of the residential and commercial leases, in order to prevent any possible form of speculation or exploitation.

At the end of in-depth investigations, the police officers of the Administrative and Social Sector of the Commissariat verified the abusive activity of B&B carried out without the required authorizations in violation of the regional guest law.

The decision to report the defaulting guest

The ‘owner’, a 50-year-old Ukrainian woman, showed up at the offices in via Primaticcio to ask for the tenant, a 40-year-old South American woman, to be removed by virtue of missing payments.

The agents, in the development of the investigations, found that the tenant was instead a victim and suffered the unfair conditions imposed by the owner who, taking advantage of the condition of necessity of the woman, demanded payments in the dark.

Online ads to promote the B&B

Inside the same apartment, the policemen found the presence of another person, a 40-year-old Italian citizen, presented by the owner as a roommate but who was instead a friend of the landlady and with whom the tenant was forced to suffer coexistence so as not to lose the lease.

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The policemen found online advertisements demonstrating the illegal activity and issued a 4,000 euro fine against the home owner, reporting everything to the competent offices of the Revenue Agency.

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