Milan, Maldini: ‘Future Pioli? Speeches that make their way … ‘| Market


Paul Maldini, executive of the Milan, speak to Rai before the return of the Italian Cup semifinal against Juventus: “The first thought goes to the people who unfortunately missed, and this is a beginning not only of the championship and the cup but of normalcy for a country that has suffered a lot. I was touched by the virus firsthand? Unconscious experience, it was not known so much, the symptoms were not so serious as to have to be hospitalized, but there was so much uncertainty “.THE OBJECTIVES – “It is one of our two goals, we had a great game at home against Juve, a long time ago, we want to try, we have a very young team, very young on the bench, but we want the final”.

ON THE FUTURE OF PIOLI – “If you decide today? These are talks that will be made along the way, you do not decide any of this today. Today you decide who goes to the final.”

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