Milan, in Legioni Romane the other cycle of discord (which even those who love bikes don’t like)


Two wheels, but many, many controversies. There is another cycle of discord in Milan, which “joins” the Venice-Baires one, whose debut was washed by many discussions, technical design errors – then adjusted during construction – and inconveniences, above all for the M1 night stops gone.

The “viewfinder” is now moved to the viale Legioni Romane track, one of those strongly desired by the municipality, which after the Coronavirus emergency is trying to push as much as possible on “soft mobility” also for the need to keep public transport more empty citizens.

Bike in Roman Legions, it’s a clash

The first step was taken by the representatives of Fratelli d’Italia from Municipio 6, who expressed clearly – with a “banner” posted on the construction site – all their dissent to the new Roman Legions cycle path – Deceptions. The protest was organized by Massimo Girtanner, former president of Zone 6, and city councilors Antonella Buro, Gaetano Bianchi and Stefania Carnevali. “It is quite clear that the frenzy of pedaling all had to infect the suburbs, a pity that like other cycle paths, it was decided in the secret rooms of Granelli with the involvement of the ultras of the two wheels, the associations and the town hall itself – the j ‘ accusations of Girtanner – they did not want to interface with the residents as has often happened in these years, who turned to us to denounce the real risk of the decrease in parking spaces and future traffic jams “.

In full political clash style, the ball then passed to Santo Minniti, number one of the Town Hall at altitude Pd, who was photographed – also he – in front of the construction site holding a billboard that summarized all the points in favor of the cycle path. “In these days opposition parties in Town Hall 6 are legitimately criticizing the choice to build a cycle path in Roman Legions. And it is good that the different visions of the future are explicit and transparent, because citizens choose the one that convinces them most – he then written on his Facebook profile – we all know the past: several victims of road accidents on Roman Legions, overwhelmed pedestrians, parking difficulties for residents due to the many cars from outside the city that use the streets as an interchange parking, and a territory that too often has exceeded the limits of environmental pollution “.

“For the future there are those who have in mind a model identical to the past. We in Town Hall 6 have a different future in mind: a dense cycle-pedestrian mobility network that allows citizens to move from one point to another in the territory in by bike, by scooter or on foot in total safety. But there is not only this – he assured -. We intend to make our contribution on the environmental issue, to guarantee everyone the right to health and a healthy life. And we also intend to make safe the roads for those who travel by car, making it easier for residents to park. For these reasons, we have decided to launch a series of interventions on the coveted Roman Legions-Bisceglie, Primaticcio, Inganni, Tirana-Piazza Napoli that draw a different way of moving to experience the city: narrower carriageways to moderate speed, light cycle paths and bike lanes to make it easy to move around with non-polluting vehicles, securing crossings and intersections, blue stripes to favor and the stopping of residents. It is not a car against a bicycle: it is a future against a past, sustainability against pollution, safe mobility against chaos and accidents. It is – he concluded – public and private transport, together towards a more livable city “.

Cyclists also say no

The cycle path, political disagreements aside, will undeniably redesign Viale Legioni Romane. The road will become narrower for cars, the parking lots will be moved more towards the center of the road and the track will be created right between the parking area and the sidewalk. But the idea does not seem to like even those who have no political interest to defend or claim.

This is the case of “Parents without smog”, an association born almost 20 years ago precisely to launch campaigns in favor of sustainable mobility. Thursday morning, the group took a stand and rejected the plan. “In viale Legioni Romane work has started on a new cycle path. As for Corso Buenos Aires there are those who oppose it. And we? This time we are in difficulty. We are absolutely in favor of the cycle paths, but we ask that they come done right, “they stressed, speaking of” embarrassment “.

“Unfortunately the project of viale Legioni Romane, as it has been presented, has serious problems. The first of all is that the cycle path is only 1.5 meters wide, the minimum required by law, and by the way it is not even rectilinear. But how long is 1.5 meters? To understand this, Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is useful. If you are 1.70m tall, spread your arms: the cycle path is 20 centimeters narrower than your arms. easy to understand how narrow it is, “they explained.

“And in that small section, where on one side there is the curb of the sidewalk, on the other the parked cars, cyclists, more and more, scooter riders should pass there, which are increasing day by day, commuting with the bike electric, which go to 25 km / h, parents who take their children to school who go to 10 km / h, the cargo bikes of the bellboys, which are 1 meter wide and 2.5m long. In the meantime the section of the roadway is left at 4.40 meters + 4.40 meters which is neither meat nor fish: too narrow to have two lanes per direction of travel, too wide for one lane. What sense does it make the cycle path so narrow and leave the roadway so wide To make a comparison, the Buonos Aires cycle path, which is 2 to 3 meters wide, is already too narrow today “.

Then, the appeal to the councilor for mobility, Marco Granelli: “The Municipality of Milan cannot think of continuing to give a blow to the rim and one to the barrel. We have said it several times, the model adopted in Corso Buenos Aires, zone 30, a large cycle path and enlarged pavements, must be replicated throughout the city. The choice must be to favor and favor cycling and pedestrian traffic, to rebalance the public space, not to continue to think of cycling as a marginal mode of transport. to dedicate narrow spaces “, claimed the” Parents without smog “.

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“So you understand our embarrassment today, when on one hand there is a problematic cycling project, on the other there are those who generally oppose any cycle path. So we certainly don’t say no to this cycle path, but we can’t even to support insufficient projects. So ours – they concluded – is a no to cycle paths made like this “.

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