Milan focuses on electric mobility: car incentives of up to 15,600 euros, 3,000



Massimiliano Zocchi

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Milan is a candidate for the golden palm of electric mobility as regards incentives, perhaps not only in Italy but also in the European panorama. The new measures just communicated in fact have never seen figures, and clearly aim to encourage electric vehicles in all forms. The publication of the call is still missing, but there are already the first numbers and the first tables.

For an electric car, simultaneously scrapping a vehicle up to € 5 diesel and € 2 petrol, you can have an incentive equal to 60% of the total cost (excluding VAT and on the street) or a ceiling of 9,600 euros. All this would then be combined with the 6,000 euro state, for a total of 15,600 euros cost cut.

Hybrids will also be encouraged (it is not known for now if divided into different categories) always with 60% or a ceiling that drops to € 6,000. LPG and CNG cars will also have access to the grants, with € 5,000, and gasoline € 6, with € 4,000.

But the Municipality of Milan does not stop there, also proposing the incentive for electric or hybrid motorcycles and scooters, with the ceilings respectively of 55% of the cost or € 3,000, with the obligation to scrape or not own another vehicle for at least the previous 4 months. On the other hand, if you give up scrapping or non-possession, the contribution will drop to 40% or 1,800 euros.

Finally there is also 60% o ceiling of 1,500 euros for eBikes and cargo bikes, without any scrapping necessary. Also in this case, the contribution should be cumulative with the National Mobility Bonus.

Purchases will be considered valid from 4 May until 30 November 2020, with no ISEE limit.

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