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Friday at the Stadium Hernandez and Castillejo will also be missing, but the Rossoneri coach focuses on a proven formula

It seemed to be stowed in the closet, but the 4-2-3-1 could be the suit that will also be worn by the first post-Covid Milan. Despite the absences of Hernandez, Castillejo and above all Ibrahimovic, the model on whom Stefano Pioli had sewn the Rossoneri’s tactical suit. Although the test bench is called Juve, or perhaps for this reason: leaving the certain for the uncertain can become a risk that Milan cannot afford right now. To attempt the feat and hit the Italian Cup final, on Friday night at the Stadium you will first need solid bases to lean on.

Proven formula

Pioli will have taken advantage of the day of rest granted to his team today to reason about the options tried in these days at Milanello: from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2, the Rossoneri coach did not miss anything, also experimenting with the 4- 3-1-2 with Calhanoglu behind the attackers. Then, however, the field was narrowed down to two hypotheses: a 4-3-2-1 with Kessie and Paquetà mezzali and the 4-2-3-1 used until the break. At the moment Pioli is more oriented to focus on the second formula, the most tested, the one that between January and March has guaranteed a certain continuity of results and above all excellent performances, including the first round of the Cup against the Bianconeri: in San Siro Romagnoli and companions they had placed under the Sarrians thanks to an almost perfect disposition on the pitch, and they had managed to control the game even in ten against eleven after the expulsion of Hernandez before Ronaldo’s penalty in the 91st minute rewrote the script of the game and of the same semifinals.

Ibra Rebic

Precisely for this reason, Milan on Friday could line up with the same game system (which in the non-possession phase becomes a 4-4-1-1 and guarantees more coverage on the outside), even if the interpreters in the key roles would obviously be different . Starting from the center forward: until a few days ago Rafael Leao was the only possible owner (also for lack of alternatives in the squad) but the latest idea of ​​Pioli, which emerged in Saturday’s match, is to focus on Rebic, worse and inspired by Portuguese in front of the door. With the Croatian advanced to the center forward and Castillejo out, two out of three midfielders would also change: Calhanoglu would maintain the role and area of ​​competence, while in Paquetà and Bonaventura it would be up to the task of creating in a more decentralized position, perhaps with more insertions and less cross. In short, the same shape and substance to be invented. Will it be enough to reserve a place at the Olimpico?

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