“Milan, Europe target. Watch out for Maldini jr. And Brescianini”


Simone Baldo married the Milan cause. After taking his first steps on the football field with the Rossoneri’s shirt in the late 1980s, the football coach has spent his career on many different fields in the Italian province. Once retired he returned to the base, where for years he worked behind the scenes, supporting the various Inzaghi, Brocchi, Mihajlovic.

Mister, how do you see this return to the field?

“Football has missed us all so much. It is good that you come back to see some sport, hoping you will keep everything safe. Obviously, the scenarios are completely different from what we were seeing in March, it will play differently and there will be important issues related to the physical fitness and amalgam of the groups. These are the preconditions that coaches must work to bring out the best possible. ”

Can you unbalance yourself in any predictions?

“Difficult, because everything is truly possible. The cards have been shuffled and some players who may have been in difficulty or injured have returned to full speed. However, I remain convinced that Juventus and Lazio will fight for the Scudetto. But be careful of Atalanta, which in my opinion in a Champions League in a dry race can be dangerous for everyone. ”

And coming to your Milan? What are the prospects for this championship finale?

“The suspension certainly did not favor us: we were having a good moment of form, returning to the levels that compete with us and we would have had a good chance of playing for the cups. Pioli was doing a great job, revitalizing some players who seemed lost like Rebic and Theo Hernandez, had fixed the boys’ locker room and morale. It is clear that now we have to pick up the thread of the discussion and it is not said that it will be easy, although I hope we will be able to qualify for the cups the same: AC Milan in any case has what it takes to hit Europe “.

Closing with the AC Milan youth sector, who should we keep an eye on for the foreseeable future?

“Two names above all: Brescianini and Maldini. After that, the hope is that from our youth there will be many players who can tread the fields of Serie A and in general of professionalism “.



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