Milan, drugs: 15 million cash found hidden in a wall, 3 arrests


Cartons full of banknotes – The treasure trove of banknotes of various denominations, between 20 and 500 euros, was found in 28 boxes placed between an artificial wall and the perimeter wall: the investigators thus unmasked a business that was managed in the Milan area and in much of the center -north.

Searches against known drug traffickers – The police carried out a series of searches delegated by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office – Anti-Mafia District Directorate against well-known drug traffickers stationed in Lombardy and other people related to them, all considered to be involved in various capacities in the handling of drug trafficking.

In addition to the money hidden in the wall, the agents found another 167 thousand euros kept in a safe and in a car workshop. All the money has been confiscated.

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