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Milan’s goal of planting 3 million trees by 2030 and lower the perceived temperature has been said and read. the project is called ForestaMI and today we are more than 85 thousand. Including the 150 planted in the past few days by the Brianza company Lyreco Italy in Parco Nord Milano. Work carried out by a group of employees together with the teams of the non-profit organization Rete Clima, with the aim of compensating, along the tree life cycle, the CO2 emissions generated by the company website and by the annual convention held last January .

The carbon dioxide emitted during the convention was estimated 500 people was equal to 26,668 kg, calculated by adding up the emissions relating to the preparation of the event, the heating of the location, the electricity used and the movements of the participants: compensated with the plantation of 50 trees. The website views for the year 2019, which amounted to 18,221,436, were compensated for by planting 10 trees. A commitment that Lyreco has decided to further strengthen, planting another 90 trees.

All this guaranteed Lyreco Italia the environmental emissions label CO2 Zero by Rete Clima, a non-profit entity of the Third Sector that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability actions in the private sector and public procurement.

“Promoting these actions for urban improvement through forestation – explained Paolo ViganĂ², president of Rete Clima answers – has an even greater value today, as the COVID-19 it showed us clearly how the lack of nature protection can generate negative effects on man, society and the economy “.

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