Milan, bank robbery with hostages: bandits with gloves and masks


The three bandits who carried out a robbery in the center of Milan on Monday at 8.30 in a branch of the Banca Popolare di Sondrio in via Cesare Battisti in Milan were wearing gloves and masks. They took advantage of the pandemic period in which personal protection devices are worn – the State Police explained to the Ansa – so as not to be recognized by the cameras and not to leave fingerprints. Two entered, armed with pistols, one remained outside to make the pole; then they managed to open the timed safe after closing the employees in the bathroom by requisitioning their cell phones to prevent giving the alarm.

The agents of the steering wheels, the investigators of the Mobile and the men of the Scientific Team arrived on the spot who are detecting any traces. The robbers were face down, two of them armed with pistols, probably professionals. While one remained outside, the other two bandits closed the nine people present at the time in the branch, including customers, employees and manager, in the bank bathroom. After that they managed to open the vault and the boxes, taking away a figure between 50 and 60 thousand euros.

June 15, 2020 | 14:07


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