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Another step forward for the new stadium in Milan. Milan and Inter, in fact, have published plans for the new district of the entire San Siro area. “The new district of San Siro has the aim of revaluing the existing plant and re-stitching the urban fabric of the neighborhood by returning an area of ​​excellence destined to become a model of a healthy lifestyle in Milan” reads. “The Meazza Stadium will become the heart of the new district dedicated to sport and entertainment, for the community and the city of Milan. As requested by the Clubs, the new projects – which will be developed in detail during the final design phase – foresee keep the ramps of the East Tribune, part of the North and / or South Curves and one of the towers. Parts of the red beams of the roof can be used to create sculptures and works of art to be placed on the site. Sports, recreational and cultural activities will be found both outside and inside the redeveloped spaces. The other private functions will instead be located within the qualified spaces. Out of a total of 261,000 m2 of intervention area, the total pedestrian area open to the community is 220,000 m2, of which 106,000 m2 green. “SPORT – Great attention, therefore, to sport: “The aim of the project is to repair a fracture in the urban urban fabric, by redeveloping the area through the creation of green pedestrian spaces, accessible to all and aimed at creating a place for gathering, sharing and inclusion; indoor and outdoor facilities, with services dedicated to sport, leisure and culture that give the area an area of ​​excellence destined to become a model of a healthy lifestyle even in the city “.

FOR CITIZENS – Particular attention is also paid to citizens and families, especially children: “Many services designed for citizens in a space open 365 days a year, safe and sustainable. Many of the activities planned by the project – such as play areas, sports fields and recreational entertainment centers – will be free of charge or have an agreement with the Municipality of Milan and Municipality 7 in favor of local residents, traders, associations and cultural organizations; of schools and health facilities in the area which will be able to promote specific programs for age groups and the disabled “.

GREEN & SMART – Much importance, finally, is reserved for the environmental discourse: “It will be a green area of ​​106,000 square meters. equipped with multimedia systems and technologies dedicated to users of the spaces and services to provide an even more immersive experience and improve the user experience. Through the installation of services designed for citizenship – many of which are free or affiliated – we want to create a space accessible and open every day to citizenship and visitors, by engaging a virtuous circle that increases the security of the entire neighborhood through the organization of recreational, sporting and cultural initiatives; is a driving force for integration, aggregation, inclusion and creation of new social networks and makes it a new pole of attraction for families and visitors “.

THE ACTIVITIES – The sports offer is decidedly wide: it ranges from jogging track at the skateboard park, passing through an outdoor gym, a soccer field, a basketball court, a playground for children and spaces for theatrical performances. There is also a zip line and a climbing wall.

In the gallery here are all the photos of the new district of San Siro!

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