Mihajlovic: “Too bad having to wait for Juventus for a serious referee”


BOLOGNA“There are always thrusts in the area. The penalty could be given, but it’s a shame to have had to wait for Juve to have a serious referee”. The technician from Bologna, Sinisa Mihajlovic, speaks thus to Sky at the end of the match against Juventus at Dall’Ara: during the match, during the match, on the penalty kick episode, the voice of Mihajlovic was echoed in the deserted Dall’Ara (“I want to see if on a corner kick for us, they give us such a penalty”). “Finally we talk about football, we started again. Unfortunately we lost but the race was balanced”.“We knew that we would find an angry Juventus, it is almost impossible for them to miss three games in a row. When their pressure started to drop we took the goal on a penalty and everything became more difficult. However, the boys did the game that needed to be done , there was some fear and I didn’t like this. For my mentality, I try to win even with the big names, the guys must think they can put anyone in trouble, defending is not in my nature, even if I would have signed for the draw “.

Disease? You must be strong

“Palacio? He wasn’t physically ready, he had some problems, let’s see. There will be room for everyone, 11 games are missing. The important thing is to be decisive when you go on the pitch, I expect more goals from the bench. The disease? If you get crushed from fear you go deeper and deeper. You have to be stronger. In my way of thinking, when one knows himself he does not jump down but tries to face and overcome a misfortune. The doctors have done a wonderful job. I have learned to be patient, I enjoy life and normal things that I didn’t notice before ”.

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