Migrants, Malta has given 425 disembarkations to the sea for forty days – La Stampa


VALLETTA. The government of Malta has authorized the disembarkation of the 425 migrants who for almost forty days had been detained on board some tourist boats, hired from Valletta just to not grant them asylum. The decision comes, according to informed sources, because on board the situation the situation was no longer manageable and the crew began to fear for their own safety.

“The decision was made because the situation on these ships had become very difficult,” explained the Maltese government in a statement. “The government – he continued – is not willing to endanger the lives of the crew and the Maltese people who work with these migrants due to the lack of action and solidarity of the other Member States in order to distribute these asylum seekers among different countries of European Union”. Malta confirms that “tight negotiations for relocations are still ongoing and expulsion procedures will be accelerated especially for those coming from countries considered safe”.

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