Migrants “invade” the beach: landing between deck chairs and umbrellas


There Sardinia returns to being the destination of many migrants. In the last two days alone, in fact, more than 90 Algerian refugees, including a woman, have arrived on the southern coast of the island, aboard small boats. Some of the landings took place on the beach, under the eyes of the bathers between deck chairs and umbrellas.

Marine and weather conditions seem to have favored departures from Algeria. Two groups, one consisting of 19 people and the other of 8, were intercepted yesterday in Porto Pino, on the beach of Sant’Anna Arresi. The first 19 refugees arrived on board a small boat, then placed under seizure by the police, around 18.30, when tourists were still present on the beach and bathers. Then, 6 other Algerians were found in Teulada, 12 in Cala Cipolla, 10 in Sa Colonia, 14 in Sant’Antioco and 14 on the beach of Chia (Domusdemaria), welcomed in a bathing establishment, as reported bySardinian Union. Also yesterday, another 14 people were intercepted at sea, around 10.30 pm, by the finance guard, who led the boat to the port of Sant’Antioco, where migrants disembarked after half past midnight.

“Several times Conte and Di Maio went to Algeria and despite promising zero landings here are the results“commented the deputy of Brothers of Italy, Salvatore Deidda, who told of the landings of 45 Algerians over the weekend, including those who landed in Porto Pino, “in the presence of many swimmers who watched the scene live“Then the deputy raised”the proposal of military ships that they watch over our sea, in full agreement with Algeria. Between the covid, crime and terrorism is no longer a time for announcements but for facts“.

Landings on the Sardinian coasts are considered a “danger for safety and health“by Ugo Cappellacci, MP and regional coordinator of Come on Italy-Sardinia, which attacks: “With its immobility, the government assumes a very serious responsibility“And he explains:”As far as public health is concerned, the arrivals of positive people to Covid-19 represent a danger for an island which, bearing a very high economic and social cost, is trying to get out of the nightmare. This is not humanitarian reception, it is a traffic of people who now becomes a real attack on the health and safety of our community“Finally, Cappellacci strongly reiterated:”Need to block the Algeria-Sardinia clandestine route immediately “.

All migrants who landed in the past few hours are destined to the first reception center in Monastir (Cagliari) for identification procedures and medical examinations. Masks were distributed to the refugees. Two of the Algerians who landed in the last 10 days tested positive for COVID-19 and have been put in solitary confinement. All new arrivals were placed in quarantine for 14 days. There are fears of new landings on the Sardinian coasts of migrants who left Algeria also between tonight and tomorrow.

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