Migrants, dinghy drifting with a baby born a few hours ago on board. More than 500 rescues in 24 hours


There is a child born a few hours ago aboard the dinghy with 95 people on board who this morning launched a desperate request for help in the Mediterranean while one of the twenty women in the group was giving birth. The Ionian Sea of ​​Mediterranea Saving Humans, which is very far from the rubber dinghy (about 80 miles), raised the alarm and therefore raised the request for help. But no one seems to have intervened so far.”Tall the Authorities are informed. The military ships of Eunavformed, operation Irini, operate near the position of the dinghy. rra which the frigate Bergamini of the Italian Navy. We ask that they intervene urgently to the rescue “, the appeal of the Italian NGO which in the meantime has taken on board another seventy people intercepted aboard a wooden boat.

Ten small boats, one behind the other right on the beaches and in the port of the island. It was another field day for Lampedusa where, mostly Tunisians or in any case departed from Tunisia, about 300 people arrived. Landings that the island is struggling to manage with a reduced capacity hotspot and with the need to carry out anti-virus health checks without putting operators or the local population at risk.


Migrants, “It is absurd to stop rescue at sea for fear of the virus. There is no reason to be afraid”

Difficulties exacerbated by the tension caused by coronavirus cases registered on board the quarantine ship Moby Zaza on which the 28 positive migrants, saved last week by the Sea Watch, are spending the quarantine isolated in a “red zone” bridge. Tomorrow the outcome of a new round of tampons that will be carried out on the 181 immigrants on board the ship should be known to avoid that there may be late positivizations that feed the outbreak on board. The crew of the Sea Watch awaited the outcome of a swab, all in isolation on board the ship stopped off Porto Empedocle. A crew member reported symptoms from Covid and was transported to the dock yesterday for the swab.

Another 118 migrants are on board the Sos Mediterranèe Ocean Viking which, as soon as it returned to the sea for its first mission, yesterday carried out two separate rescues and still crosses in the Libyan Sar area where it will soon be reached by the Ionian Sea which left yesterday from Pozzallo. Alan Kurdi instead left the port of Palermo but headed for Spain. The harbor master who had stopped the ship after some surveys following an inspection gave permission to sail but only in the direction of a Spanish port where the ship, if it wants to return on a mission in the Mediterranean, will have to make the required changes.

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