Migrant amnesty? Disaster. Here is the Bellanova flop


It had been presented almost as an epochal reform, complete with tears from the minister most affected by the new rule during one of the many press conferences organized at Palazzo Chigi in times of pandemic. According to the government, it was supposed to represent a seal to the fight against illegal hiring, illegal work and at the same time it could go to solve the problem of the lack of labor in the countryside.

And instead? It would perhaps be appropriate to say that the mountain gave birth to the mouse at the end of May. The reference is to amnesty, which however the Giallorossi majority presents as “simple temporary regularization” on migrants included in the revival decree. As of 1 June, employers and interested workers were already able to submit applications and start work from the next day.

Well, there are only a few hundred requests for regularization of positions for now, no more. A real case of “flop start” for a rule for which Italia Viva, party of the minister of agriculture Teresa Bellanova, he also threatened a government crisis, the numbers have appeared in these truly unforgiving hours.

Of course, there is still no official statistics because since Interior Ministry at the moment, they postpone the appointment with the first data only until June 15. But unofficially it is possible to check the trend, which leaves no way out of the judgments on the amnesty: “At a national level the numbers are really small – he explained Romano Magrini by Coldiretti a The truth – let’s talk about a hundred questions or a little more all over Italy “.

This opens the way for many considerations: firstly, Minister Bellanova has repeatedly stated that the urgency of the measure was justified by the fact that the agricultural economy was put back into motion immediately. Therefore, immediate use of labor was required and in fact the law provided for a residence permit issued immediately after the submission of the application, with the checks to be carried out only later. But if from June 1 onwards only a few have submitted applications, then this immediacy has failed or, more simply, the urgency that Minister Bellanova often spoke about was not there.

Moreover, it was often the trade associations, such as Coldiretti, that had many doubts about the real usefulness of the amnesty. The regularization of migrants could at most be the last option, in case of prolonged crisis. This is why instead the proposal of several experts was to favor corridors for the return of foreign EU laborers to Italy. With the opening of European borders, many of them will return to our country and take back their jobs. So no farmer is in a hurry to go to take advantage of potentially regularizable migrants.

The rule wanted by the government could perhaps serve more for domestic workers is caregivers. But then the initial spirit of the amnesty would disappear. To present it was to be the minister of productive activities, not that of agricultural policies with a lot of tears in national broadcast. Wanted to restore oxygen to the agricultural sector, the regularization of migrants is not fulfilling this function. The flop, already predictable, to date appears increasingly evident.

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