Microsoft Teams updates with chats in separate windows


Microsoft Teams, one of the software that we have all come to know in the last few months, is updated with an important and new feature: support for chat in Multi-Window.

Microsoft software in recent months, mainly due to the large number of new users, has received several updates aimed at improve the user experience. After all, we are talking about a program that has reached and exceeded its quota 44 million users, making Microsoft Teams more appealing to both current and future users is almost a must.

At the beginning of April we told you about the new updates relating to functions to stay in touch with family and friends thanks to new sharing systems, but today an update arrives that aims to increase user productivity.

We anticipated it at the beginning of the article, we are talking about the Multi-Window function dedicated to chats. A feature that had been expressly requested loudly by the users themselves since 2016. The proposal to insert this function in Microsoft Teams on the Microsoft platform dedicated to user feedback dates back to 2 November 2016: UserVoice. At that time the idea was supported with over 20 thousand votes. The function has certainly been slow to arrive but it is now among us and is well appreciated.

Now Microsoft Teams will allow you to put your chats in a pop out, so from to be able to move the various windows and be more productive at work. Having multiple separate chats is a feature that could not be missing in a software intended for work or study, in this way the user will not be forced to make cumbersome steps to switch from one chat to another or to necessarily open the entire program .

Currently the Multi-Window feature of Microsoft Teams is available for both Windows and MacOS, but not yet for the version Web, Linux and the one intended for furniture.

Microsoft has directly created a page on its website in which it explains how to activate pop-out chats, complete with attached images. There are now several ways to open a chat in a separate window. The first method consists of positioning yourself from the menu on the left in the chat section, on the conversation concerned and, by clicking on More options then on Pop out chat, we will get the separate window. A simpler method is instead that of make a simple double click on the chat concerned.

You can also click directly on the button dedicated to Pop out chat present on every single conversation or the dedicated key positioned in top right in an open chat. Finally, we can access the function by double clicking on thepicture profile of a user, or by typing Type / pop in command box found at the top center of the program.

Better late than never, Pop out chat it will certainly be a feature appreciated by users of the software. Are you using Microsoft Teams for work or study?

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