Microsoft Teams chases Zoom: video calls reach 49 people


Last May Microsoft launched an important update for its platform Teams with which he would extend the limit of participants for video conferencing – through a practical 3×3 format. Yet, as the same explains Rish Tandon, CVP of Microsoft Teams, this update only represents “the beginning” and much bigger news are coming.
The next step concerns the video calls in format 7×7, with well 49 participantsi grouped within a single screen – or gallery, as Microsoft prefers to define it.
Microsoft: from 3×3 to 7×7 galleries, Teams continues to grow

Among the most popular platforms dedicated to smart working, Microsoft Teams has seen significant growth in recent months, surpassing the 75 million active users. It’s no surprise, after all, the recent lockdown has forced thousands of workers to relocate businesses within their homes and take advantage of tools such as Zoom and Teams to stay in touch with colleagues.
Talking about Zoomhowever, the latter platform can already host up to 50 people in a single video conference. Microsoft is still working to further extend the current limit of 9 participants, but, as it recently said to the microphones of the Australian portal CRN, “the roadmap includes increasing the number of people viewable during a Teams videocall to 49 (participants)”.

The Microsoft spokesman hasn’t released any details about a launch window, but the wait shouldn’t be too long. According to statements made by another company representative – this time on a Teams-related forum – Microsoft is continuing to work “to include multiple videos during a meeting and to enable their support for mobile devices”.
Aided by the brilliant results obtained in this period, Microsoft firmly believes in the potential of its platform, to the point of saying that, one day, Teams will also surpass Windows in terms of user.

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