Microsoft leaves MSN journalists at home: they will be replaced by an AI


A’artificial intelligence can replace man in the editorial field? According to Microsoft, yes, so much so that the company is replacing the journalists and editors of Microsoft News and MSN with machines. As The Verge reports, as of June 30, Microsoft will leave about 50 US employees home, and the same fate will befall 27 other journalists in the UK: their work will be done by AI.

Man VS machine: MSN news will be handled by AI

Like all companies, we do an evaluation of our business on a regular basis“- said a Microsoft spokesman -“This may involve increasing investment in some areas and occasionally reducing staff in others. These decisions are not due to the ongoing pandemic“.
Fundamentally, according to Microsoft, machines can be more effective than real people in writing news. It must be said that MSN and Microsoft News have been journalists for a long time supported in their work by AI who deal with suggesting potentially more interesting articles, select images and also create titles in SEO perspective.
Microsoft currently has about 800 news editors working on its platforms, so at least most will keep their job at the moment, but the road seems to be marked.
It should be specified that both MSN and Microsoft News they do not deal with the creation of original content but they are basically aggregators: they select the most important news from different sources and propose them on the Microsoft portals. A job that can actually be within the reach of an artificial intelligence, but there are some doubts: the AI ​​will be able to guarantee the high editorial standard, while managing not to fall into the trap of fake news and to also give space to those news that are less clicked but not less relevant?

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