Metro Exodus and 6 other games will leave the catalog in late June –


Xbox Game Pass prepares to greet 7 games of a certain thickness, which they will abandon his catalog to end of June against the usual rotation of securities on which Microsoft’s subscription service is based.

Faced with excellent new introductions in June 2020, we must therefore also necessarily have to do without some game that has remained in the catalog for several months. Among the most important titles to be removed at the end of the month there is Metro Exodus, probably the largest loss among those expected, but it is still a group of somewhat interesting stocks.

So here are the games that will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass catalog at the end of June 2020:

So if you are interested in any of these, the advice is focus on them to finish them before they are removed. Xbox Game Pass recently saw the arrival of the complete collection of Kingdom Hearts and No Man’s Sky among the various games added in the first send of June 2020.

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