Metal Slug, this prisoner cosplay reminds us of the two titles coming in 2020 –


Do you remember the old man of Metal Slug who provided the player with weapons, power-ups and bonuses? If you grew up in the company of SNK cabinets, probably yes. Now it’s back, and it looks almost real; thanks to cosplay, as always.

The cosplay of the Prisoner of Metal Slug, iconic character of the series and present in every single chapter of the franchise, in the last hours has literally gone viral on social networks. It reminds us, moreover, that two new chapters by SNK will land on consoles and mobile devices by the end of 2020, as announced in the past few hours. Could it be for this reason that the fans decided to celebrate Metal Slug by resorting to cosplay again?

Clearly the costume will have been resurrected with the occasion, since there are currently no comic book fairs due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the fact that the prisoner of Metal Slug has returned to peek on social networks in the last few hours, is certainly due to the announcement of the new titles scheduled for 2020.

here you are the image in question: probably somewhere in your head will sound the iconic “Heavy Machine Gun“, or a flying yellow H will appear in your room. Nostalgia sometimes plays nice jokes. We remember that SNK currently has not shown any preview on the new titles: it is therefore not clear what the” style “of the next Metal Slug will be either.

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