Mes, Zingaretti reopens the debate in the majority: “Very advantageous rates, we ask for that loan for a large investment in Healthcare”


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Nicola Zingaretti takes position on European stability mechanism reopening the debate in the government. The Secretary Pd, in an intervention on the Sole 24 Ore, invite Giuseppe Conte to activate it “without ifs and buts“. Two days ago the premier, who has to deal with the niet del 5 star movement, reiterated the wait-and-see stance: “When we have all the regulations, I will take them to Parliament and with Parliament We will decide“. But those 36-37 billion that Europe could lend to Italy at advantageous conditions according to the secretary dem should be taken immediately. “We need a change of course, the health service should be read as large development drivers and well-being. The largest public infrastructure of this country that contributes to overall wealth”, Writes the governor of Lazio. Outlining a program similar to the one from 20 billion being developed by the minister Roberto Speranza (Leu), of which the newspaper of Confindustria he gave account three days ago. Meanwhile, the governor of Tuscany Enrico Rossi, in an interview with Republic, commenting on that 20 billion plan he says that “not taking the opportunity of the Mes would be criminal. 37 billion of Europe are available immediately, without conditions and with zero interest. They could finance a giant investment plan in healthcare“.

“Health spending, as well as protecting life, is a productive investment important – the dem secretary reasons – and the logic of the cuts health expenditure, under the pressure of financial recovery, was a wrong strategy“, Therefore” now we must open a new phase to build a new model based on the digital revolution and the strengthening of the territorial network of public health. To do it we need big investments and for this Mes is fundamental. Up to 36 billion euros without conditions at very low rates that would allow us to make a big leap in the quality of public health “, says Zingaretti, recalling that if we wanted to finance ourselves for that figure on the market” at current rates it would cost us 580 million euros more per year for ten years compared at the cost of access to the Mes “. While only two days ago the financial director of the Mes made it known that countries that asked for a seven-year loan a will be asked negative interest rate (-0.07%): that is to say that they will not pay anything but on the contrary they will receive a refund. And in the case of a loan at 10 years old instead the rate will be 0.08%, against 1.65% offered by Italy on the occasion of the last issue of 10-year BTPs. Conditions “extremely favorable“, Commented the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri. “Under current market conditions, cost savings may reach i € 6 billion for 10 years, “reiterates the analysis of the Mes.

The secretary Zingaretti therefore proposes to “call the Regions, the medical science, the operators to work together with a national reconstruction planand that focuses on hospitals, territory, technologies, health personnel “. A plan with the “credible and possible” goal of giving Italy the “best health system in Europe and the world “. The project looks close to the plan from 20 billion euros to strengthen the hospital and care network in the area attributed by Sun to Minister Speranza, who according to the Confindustria newspaper – whose new president Carlo Bonomi it has been pushing for days for Italy to request a loan from the Mes – aim to finance it with European Mes loans, if the resistance of the 5 star movement to request it, and del Recovery fund near future. But that will not see the light in a short time.

The idea would be to dedicate others 10 billion hospitals to renew the network and technologies, in addition to the funds allocated with care by Italy and the relaunch decree. Money to be used also to stabilize i doctors is nurses hired in recent months with contracts insecure. And maybe “partly finance the health needs that are valid in 2020 118 billion“, He says The sun. Today, it should be remembered, health care is largely financed with revenue Irap collected by the Regions, but Confindustria asks that that tax be abolished. The same relaunch decree already allocates 1.2 billion for the strengthening of home care, insufficient in many Regions as emerged during the pandemic, and provides for the recruitment of 9,600 neighborhood nurses. The Speranza plan would allocate another 10 billion to increase hiring and set up new ad hoc structures: health homes, clinics, community hospitals.

The 5 star movement though remains against it. The pentastellate minister of the public administration Fabiana Dadone just this morning in an interview with Radio Capital he repeated that the Mes “is not the right tool for the situation, because conceived at a different time, outside the crisis “, underlining how” since the M5s we continue to say no, unless it was something completely different “. But the closure seems less clear than it used to be, when the minister leaves the door open and says: “With the Democratic Party it will necessarily arrive at a synthesis”.

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