Mes, the Democratic Party asks for a yes immediately to avoid further debt. Conte still takes time: we cannot be the first


You have to give me the time it takes, the time to complete the European framework, close the agreement with the EU to the next Council, then do everything possible to convince the M5S. So Giuseppe Conte tried yesterday to reassure some ministers of the Democratic Party. And today the Prime Minister has a phone call on the agenda with Angela Merkel, after the contrasts of recent days on the Mes. If on the one hand he appears as a head of the government with his hands tied, hostage to the uncompromising position reaffirmed by Vito Crimi, on the other the premier who is not against funding for the health of the European Stability Mechanism, does not believe that there are risks or conditionalities that jeopardize the independence of Italian economic policy. Except that he has no intention of facing a vote by Parliament with the risk that the more than 36 billion that would arrive in Italy at negative rates, will be approved by a majority other than the one that now holds the executive.

Patience running out

The letter to Courier service by Nicola Zingaretti, with ten good reasons for requesting aid from Mes, he moved the waters. Yet Conte’s official silence shows that, in the opinion of Palazzo Chigi, the topic is not yet mature. First let’s see how the next European Council is going, how much money and what tools we will have exactly available – the reasoning that Conte repeats at the top of the Democratic Party – then I will check the numbers in the Senate myself. At the Democratic Party, Conte asks for patience and makes it known that he has already started working on the abacus of Palazzo Madama, to prevent the tearing of seven or eight senators from blowing up the government. But the patience of the Democratic Party is running out. There is not only pressing for the constant postponements on the files, there is that Minister Roberto Gualtieri has been working with the economics technicians for days on the budget shift. And behind the arm wrestling with Palazzo Chigi on the size of the July maneuver (10 or 20 billion?), The knot is this: immediately access the Mes funds to save on interest, as the Pd wants, or to finance the debt whole operation, how does the M5S preach?

Franceschini’s challenge

The problem, therefore, not only the parliamentary vote, the urgency to decide how to finance the July shift. Is it possible that we are stuck on an ideological and nominalistic question? – a minister vents – Doing more public debt in order not to use the Mes would cost us 500 million a year. This is how dems explain the acceleration of Zingaretti, strongly supported by Dario Franceschini. In recent meetings, the head of delegation, increasingly disenchanted with the government’s performance, challenged the premier to get out of immobility. And yesterday to exasperate the minds against the Prime Minister and the communication of Palazzo Chigi there was also the Simplifications decree, whose text the Pd, Italia viva, Leu and also many in the M5S learned from the newspapers.

To strengthen the executive

In the incandescent chats of the star government officials accuse the leaders of the Democratic Party of wanting to throw the prime minister down and earthquake the Movement. But this is certainly not the goal of Zingaretti and his companions, according to what Franceschini repeats in the reserved meetings: All our criticisms to strengthen the executive, certainly not to make him fall. Similar reasoning listens to those who speak with Matteo Renzi, who has been supporting him since he reached a truce with Conte. Until a month ago I was the Pierino who wanted to touch the untouchable – the image with which the former prime minister explains the line to his – Now the Democratic Party is fought by the Democratic Party and we are the ones who think of the country. There will be time to quarrel …. On Mes, Renzi stays with Zingaretti. Or rather, to put it with Ettore Rosato, the Democratic Party that has finally moved to the positions of Italy alive. But Renzi seems to approve of Conte’s gossip on the vote, because it serves to convince the rebel senators and to make sure that the M5S are not very few. Before this happens, the debate should turn to the technical parameters of the Mes. For the Nazarene they do not contain any particular negative conditionality, while at Palazzo Chigi there is a sort of political fear: taking him first would be a manifestation of Italy’s weakness. A sort of ideological resistance, linked to the memory of what constituted the Mes in 2012 for countries like Greece.

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