“Mes? I have a lot of faith in his words” – Libero Quotidiano


After the solicitations of Luca Zaia, who “warmly” invited him to take a clear position on the case of Greece, the minister Luigi Di Maio spoke. He did it in an interview with Corriere della Sera, and expressed a position ‘salviniana’:” We believe in the European spirit, but we are ready to close the borders to those who do not respect us. If anyone thinks to shut the door on us only for their own interests, then we will respond. We will also close the door before personalisms “. Today – Monday 1 June – the Foreign Minister will have a discussion with the Greek counterpart to discuss the measure introduced (those arriving from Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto must undergo a buffer and spend 7 or 14 days in quarantine in a hotel) . “The game will open on June 3 – explained Di Maio – because going to deal with a foreign state while we still have restrictive rules is complicated”.

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Then the former 5-star political leader sent not too veiled messages to Giuseppe Conte on the hot issue of Mes: “It is not an option – he reiterated in the interview with Corsera – President Conte also said it the M5S has a lot of faith in his words“. Heavy words, those of the grill, because they sound like a reminder to Conte, a sort of transversal message: Giggino is keen to remember how the prime minister has excluded the appeal to Mes, which however – think of the opening of Gualtieri a few hours ago – is a more than concrete hypothesis. In short, that of Di Maio seems a sort of eviction notice to a premier with whom relations are now compromised. If Conte said yes to Mes, could Di Maio really pull the plug on this government?

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