Mes: Bernini, postponement? Fi will not vote on the budget variance – Politics


“The premier has not yet set the date for the announced meeting with the opposition and who knows if he will ever do it. But in July in Parliament he will have to present himself both for the new budget shift – on which he obviously has no intention of confronting us. – both for communications before the European Council. Here: if the rumors are true that the majority resolution will not contain any reference to the Mes, in order not to irritate the M5s and postpone everything until September, we would consider it an act of total irresponsibility in the face of which Forza Italia would be forced to change its attitude of institutional collaboration with a government that is clearly rowing against the national interest. To be clearer: in such a situation, we would not vote for the budget variance “. The president of Forza Italia senators Anna Maria Bernini declares it in a note.


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