Mes at no cost. Another piece towards the capitulation of M5s


If Italy takes the MES money, it will not have to pay interest, so it will be funds at no cost. Or rather: if you borrow up to 7 years, the interest rate will even be negative, -0.07%, and this even means that our country will be paid to borrow as it will return less than taken; if instead the debt will be 10 years the rate will be + 0.08%, therefore at laughable levels, much lower than the market average, almost zero. The calculation was made by the financial director of the Mes, Kalin Anev Janse, and is another piece that should lead the 5 stars, the only majority party still doubtful about the use, to a more reasonable position. Not a yes or a go-ahead but at least a sort of neutral position that could allow Prime Minister Conte to take the “treasure” home.

Slowly, in fact, most of the objections to accessing the States-saving fund are disappearing, also because the use designed for the Covid emergency has changed its conditions. Above all the main one: there will be no loss of sovereignty, no troika that will come to Italy to commissariate the Treasury, no memorandum of tears and blood to sign. The country concerned will only have to indicate the direct and indirect healthcare costs that will be financed. This is the only conditionality expected, at least for now. So Italy can access 36 billion potential to finance the maxi-plan to modernize the national health system without particular restrictions. And, according to the calculations of the same structure of the Mes as seen, they are loans practically at no cost. In particular, under current market conditions, savings could reach up to 6 billion in ten years compared to the issue of government bonds. Not really crumbs.

In short, the two main obstacles on the Mes road would seem much lower, if not really fallen. And this is the reason why the pressure of the other majority parties towards the 5 stars is becoming more insistent. It is no coincidence that the anticipation of the plan for the reform of health was published on Sole24Ore, which is being worked on by the minister at altitude Leu, Roberto Speranza. A very ambitious project that foresees 20 billion investment, half of which to strengthen hospitals and emergency rooms and half to create a more widespread medical structure in the area, fundamental for this era of prevention and coexistence with the virus. But where do these billions go? Dal Mes, obviously. The Pd also agrees on this, which is trying to persuade the 5 stars of the goodness of the project as well as the need to activate the Save-States fund, as confirmed also by the Undersecretary for Health, Sandra Zampa. If you then go to the parts of Italia Viva, the pressure even becomes suffocating, with the deputy group leader in the Chamber Daniele Marattin who raised with an even more powerful counter-plan, which would go to spend all 36 billion that can be taken. A nice pincer maneuver that is putting the Movement ever closer, which in recent days has already gone from the adamant “niet” to the “let’s talk”. Now, according to what is learned from pentastellate government sources, the leaders are thinking how to minimize political damage or not make barricades in parliament when the proposal will arrive without losing face and being massacred by the foreseeable sovereign invective of Salvini and Meloni. A problem of “how” not “if”.

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