Menez’s choice “I want Serie A with Reggina” – Football


“I came here to win the Serie B championship and go to Serie A.” Jeremy Menez, the former French international, of Paris Saint Germain, of Rome and Milan, does not hide his ambitions, welcomed in Reggio Calabria for the first press conference of his experience on the banks of the Strait. In the meantime, after arriving by catamaran from Messina, he has already had the opportunity to appreciate the local cuisine. “I ate really well last night,” he said and he already tasted the first ice cream shortly before meeting the reporters. It was love at first sight with Reggina. “There were other teams looking for me – he explained – but I wanted to come to Reggina. I felt it. I can’t tell you why, but I’m here”.
He will wear the shirt number 7 on the field: “I thank Sounas for giving me his shirt. I have a very strong connection with this number and I am happy to be able to play with the number 7.”
Menez arrives in Reggio Calabria with champion numbers. The president of the company Luca Gallo pitted them, not without pride and emotion, next to him at the press conference. “I am very happy to be here – said the player -. I have found the right stimuli to be able to work and make it 100%. Beyond football there are human relationships – he adds referring to Gallo, with whom he immediately entered harmony – and there are some things that I can’t explain, but that you immediately feel: his human side and his love for football. It is something you perceive immediately. Now I am available to mister Toscano. We have already talked ‘to see what needs to be done to make the team stronger. ” In Reggina he already knows Denis: “I often met him as an opponent, while we played together with Mastour”.
At the end of the meeting with the reporters, some dribbles on the ground of the Oreste Granillo stadium where his name will soon explode as an incitement to his games, his assists and maybe his goals. Jeremy Menez’s adventure in amaranth jersey has begun.


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