‘Men and Women’, Giovanna Abate made her choice!


Giovanna Abate he chose! The path of the young Roman woman inside her studies Elios it started first at the court of Giulio Raselli which she preferred Giulia D’Urso and then on the throne. After the disappointment with the Raselli, Maria De Filippi has indeed decided to give to Giovanna a second chance to find love and make it sitting on the coveted red armchair.

That of the Abbot however, it was a singular throne, also because it was temporarily suspended due to the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus. His throne was therefore modulated to the needs of Phase 1 and continued with a format designed specifically for it: to know the suitors exclusively online. It was just like that Giovanna has known theAlchemist. There have been many about him insinuations is conjectures to understand who it was, until the moment when he himself was not in the studio to introduce himself to the public: Davide Basolo.

Antagonist of Basolo throughout the journey Sammi Hassan, with whom Giovanna he had begun courtship in the classic format. Their was a knowledge marked by many misunderstandings and quarrels, but despite this, the interest of the Roman tronista in him was palpable, so much so that according to what reported by the portal Alley Of News, Giovanna would have decided to end his journey a Men and women just with Sammy.

There Abbot therefore she has not been intimidated by the chatter of the last few days. Hassan was in fact the protagonist of a controversy with the ex gieffina Lidia Vella (there was talk of a dating ended because of his ex-wife). Subsequently, the mother of her son, Elena Cat that a Fanpage.it he told his version of the facts.

But now all this is hopelessly in the background. The interest of the Roman was now evident to all and he, despite some clashes with the tronista would seem to have answered affirmatively to the proposal of the Abbot to live outside: “okay let’s try“. Indeed, these were the words with which Hassan he said yes to his Giovanna!

And what do you think of it? Are you happy with the choice? Did you expect it?

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