“Men and Women”, Armando against Veronica: “The boyfriend waited until recently”


New twist a “Men and women”, where yet another confrontation was staged during the episode of Wednesday 3 June John is Veronica, protagonists of a crucial moment for their knowledge.

The two protagonists of the Throne Over they went back to the center of Maria De Filippi to tell the latest developments of their relationship and here Giovanni expressed several perplexities: “I lived three, four difficult days in which I didn’t want to see her. Then it seemed correct to have a meeting after such a journey, we talked and we were fine. But the problem is there: if before I didn’t trust enough, for a problem of mine, now even less “. Giovanni then announced his will to leave the programbut inviting Veronica to stay.

“It is useless to stay here, because I don’t care about anyone from the parterre and my head would be up to you right now,” reiterates the woman, unleashing the reactions of Roberta is Valentina. And it also fits into the discussion Armando, who claims to have talked to Veronica’s ex-boyfriend and to have discovered important news.

According to this testimony, Veronica would in fact have remained in contact with him for a long time, to such an extent that she had to close her acquaintance with the same Armando inventado diverse accusations in his regards.

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