Melons and Berlusconi mark the distances – Libero Quotidiano


There Supermedia YouTrend / Agi photographs an increasingly marked distance between the center-right area and the Giallorossi coalition that supports the Conte bis government. Opposition parties together are worth 48.6% (+0.2 compared to two weeks ago), while Pd-M5S-Iv-Leu stop at 42.3% (-0.7). In particular, the majority pays for the decline in dems, which in the last fourteen days have lost 0.6 points, falling to 20.4%. The M5S (+0.3) returns to 16.1%, which is marked tight by FdI, detected at 14.6% (+0.3).

The League remains the first party to 25.9% but it loses 0.5: since February there has been a drop of almost 5 points, however the margin with the Democratic Party remains unchanged. Furthermore, the decline in the Carroccio balance perfectly with the impetuous growth of Giorgia Meloni: this explains the fact that the center-right coalition is perpetually ahead of the government in voting intentions. Indeed, compared to two weeks ago there was a rise in Silvio Berlusconi, which with its Fi is 7.2% (+0.5). The descent of Matteo Renzi (Iv is at 3.2%), which has been going on for several months now.

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